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MEJEDA ALHINAI: Reflections of Us, 2022

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Reflections of Us (2022)

Laser Etched Fabric on Wood

24 inches x 36 inches

Price – $5000


It’s tempting to think of our stories as lies we tell ourselves to comfort and entertain. Each of our stories is a reflection of us, a small sliver that can only truly be understood through the full narrative. The series ‘Reflections of Us’ is a depiction of our deepest sense of self. The silhouettes take on the form of various faceless human figures, each representative of a version of ourselves. We all have inner demons, sometimes buried deep within us. Sometime we focus so deeply on battling those parts of us that we forget how to live. No matter how much you dress up something on the outside, you cannot hide its true essence.

Shipping will start after Oct 3rd