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Estéban: KKKop Question #12, 2020

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KKKop Question #12, 2020
Acrylic, Oil Stick on Canvas
48" X 48"

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Esteban Whiteside is a self taught artist from Asheville, NC. He currently resides in Washington, DC. Esteban discovered his love for painting after gifting his then girlfriend, now wife, a piece for her birthday. He began creating constantly and started to learn more about the history of art. In his early career, Esteban mainly painted abstract work. It wasn't until the death of Michael Brown that his artwork took off in another direction. He started heavily addressing social and political issues. It is still seen in Esteban's work today. A few of Esteban's largest influencers are Romare Bearden, Emory Douglas, and Milton Avery.



I paint aspects of America that mainstream media doesnt want to talk about or show in the correct light. This exhibition will touch on social injustice, political issues and the daily struggles of minorities in America. My aim is to build up the oppressed and shame the oppressors.